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Here are just a few highlights from an eclectic life...

My youthful career was in the world of computers in New York City. Having worked for such notable companies as Honeywell and Boys Clubs of America, I eventually became an IT Director for a $4 billion mutual fund company.Along the way I learned 8 programming languages and used them on 7 different mainframes and PCs.

I also studied woodworking from a master woodworker at the Craft Student League in New York City. There we learned classical joinery using just hand tools...before mortising bits and dovetail jigs. Craftsmanship started a long time before routers were invented.

I picked up the camera in the 70's and haven't put it down. I used to do my own developing until the digital age. Anyone want a darkroom?

I finally succumbed to a childhood dream and became a pilot with an instrument rating, as well as becoming an Advanced and Instrument ground school Instructor. I also built this airplane.

Now I'm doing websites.

Go Figure